Legal Aspects of Real Estate

5th Edition
By Realty Publications, Inc.
400 pages.

The Legal Aspects of Real Estate course is made accessible as both a downloadable PDF file and as a textbook. The PDF file will require a PDF-reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, and will be available immediately after your purchase transaction has been successfully completed. The textbook should arrive within 4 business days of the purchase date.

Legal Aspects of Real Estate is part of the Realty Publications series of California-specific real estate study materials. Each title in the series has a different topic as its primary content. As part of a comprehensive real estate education program, the series includes Principles of Real Estate, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Practice and Real Estate Property Management. Realty Publications's real estate series uses plain language and eliminates the extensive overlap of identical course material commonly offered by other publishers. Issues arising in more than one factual setting are referenced as necessary, but are dealt with fully in only one first tuesday title.

Legal Aspects of Real Estate is written for real estate licensees, lenders, attorneys, title officers, buyers and sellers. This course material is designed to be an educational tool for use in the classroom and as a current technical research reference

Legal Aspects of Real Estate presents a selection of working examples covering issues pertaining to real property estates, vestings, disputes involving neighboring properties, water rights and restrictions on property use. Also discussed are property title conditions and insurance, conveyancing, involuntary liens, the enforcement of real estate rights and remedies for financial recovery in a transaction gone awry. Special emphasis is placed on influential court cases which shape real estate law.

Legal Aspects of Real Estate will take the reader far beyond a minimum level of subject matter awareness and give them a crucial edge in the exciting and lucrative California real estate industry.

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